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My mother and I have always had a special relationship.  I was blessed with two beautiful daughters with whom I can share the family values and the traditions that my mother passed on to me. 

Mom is 89 years old and she has been an inspiration to all of us.  Although it was not possible for Mom to attend the wedding for health reasons,  I wanted my daughter to know that the love of family is timeless and true no matter what the circumstances may be.  The pearl charm represents this steadfast love, as it is borrowed from time (and from the sea)

My daughter and her new husband met several years ago at a superbowl party and it seems it was love at first sight.  They complement each other  beautifully -- it is a pleasure to watch their lives unfold!  The aqua-blue heart charm is a symbol of this love,  shiny and new, and so full of hope!

I hope that you will enjoy carrying on this tradition of family and hope and  I wish you and your loved ones "A LIFETIME OF LOVE".

(To view the poem, "My wish", that accompanies the charms, click on "My Wish" at left.)


Marianne Fusco

(Update:    My youngest daughter and her fiance got married in New Jersey this past July!!   Another beautiful bride and another awesome wedding!!!  m.)

I love this picture of me and my mom on her front porch in Pennsylvania.

My youngest daughter on her wedding day.

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